Should You See An Audiologist Or An ENT?

Did you know that hearing loss is the third most-common health issue in the US? The fact is, around 10 percent of Americans suffer from hearing loss, and many go without treatment simply because they aren't sure what type of doctor they need to see. Both ear, nose, and throat (ENTs) and audiologists work with people battling hearing loss, but how do you know which doctor you need? Learn more about both types of doctors so that you can determine which best fits your needs. Read More 

The Process Of Screening Newborns For Hypothyroidism

Infants with Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) may look normal and not exhibit any detectable physical symptoms. CH is caused by low production of thyroid hormone, which forms an important component of the endocrine system. This network of glands coordinates most of the body's functions including brain functioning. When CH is not detected and treated early, it can lead to severe outcomes, such as mental retardation and learning disabilities. Due to this, neonatal screening is emphasized within two weeks after birth. Read More 

Facts You Should Know About Sleep Apnea And Sinus Procedures That Can Ease Your Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you are in good company. Approximately one out of fifteen people in the United States suffer from this debilitating health challenge, many of whom are children. Unfortunately, it has been established in recent years that people with severe sleep apnea that has not been effectively treated are three times as likely as non-sufferers to die, and periods of deep sleep often pose the most risk. Therefore, if you have sleep apnea, it is important to consider the following information about surgical sleep apnea procedures that can treat or minimize your sleep apnea symptoms when positive airway pressure therapies cannot be used or have not provided the expected results. Read More 

When Your Snoring Disrupts Your Sleep

If you can't get a good night's sleep because your snoring wakes you up, it's time to make it stop. You may have a simple blockage of your airway that at ENT doctor can take care of to get rid of the nightly noise. There are several reasons that you may be snoring and your doctor will identify them and recommend treatment. Here is what is going on at night to make you snore and how to make it stop. Read More 

Smart Steps That Protect Your Hearing When Playing In A Band

If you have just started playing with a rock or metal band, protecting your hearing both while you perform and practice should become part of your routine. Hearing is measured in decibels, with the normal "safe" hearing level being under 85 decibels. Anything above this level can cause hearing damage after frequent exposure. Concerts tend to have a level around 120 decibels. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your hearing while enjoying yourself with your new musical endeavor. Read More