When Your Snoring Disrupts Your Sleep

If you can't get a good night's sleep because your snoring wakes you up, it's time to make it stop. You may have a simple blockage of your airway that at ENT doctor can take care of to get rid of the nightly noise. There are several reasons that you may be snoring and your doctor will identify them and recommend treatment. Here is what is going on at night to make you snore and how to make it stop.

Snoring Means You're Not Getting Enough Air at Night

When something prevents you from getting enough air into your lungs while you sleep, your breathing becomes more intense. This causes vibrations in the soft tissues along the airway which produce the characteristic snoring sounds. The harder you have to breathe, the louder the sound gets until you wake yourself up. Some of the typical reasons you struggle for breath at night include:

  • The tissue in the roof of your mouth (soft palate) is thicker than normal or swollen from a cold or sinus infection.
  • The small piece of tissue that hangs down in the back of your throat (uvula) obstructs your airway.
  • A sinus infection or allergy creates congestion in the nasal passages.
  • The cartilage that holds the shape of your nose (nasal septum) may be deformed and blocking your airway.

Snoring Treatments

Your ear, nose and throat doctor will determine which problem is most likely causing you to snore and offer some solutions. You may start out with simple non-invasive approaches to treatment but move on to others if they aren't effective.

  • Nasal strips - These anti-snoring strips attach to the exterior of your nose and hold your nostrils open slightly. This may open up your nasal passages enough to allow you to breathe easier. These strips are available at your corner drug store.
  • Oral appliances - These are worn in your mouth while sleeping to hold your mouth open slightly so you can get more air into your lungs. Some devices prevent the soft palate from vibrating as your breathe. These devices can be found at the drug store, but your doctor can order custom-fit appliances that may be more comfortable than the over-the-counter variety.
  • Rhinoplasty - Your doctor may recommend a reconstruction of the cartilage in your nose. This is not just a cosmetic surgery. It opens up blocked airways so you can breathe easier at night.
  • Oral surgery - A portion of the soft palate can be removed, as well as the uvula, to prevent those tissues from vibrating as you breathe.

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